Friday, March 14, 2014

Gushing about Cigarette Pants and Ranting About Juan Pablo

Hey there everyone! 

I hope that everyone has had a fabulous week so far. 

I have been spring breaking it up. And that has included:

- Relaxing at home

- Catching up on the Bachelor. 
 Can I just interject and use my cousin's nerdy expletive - What the Faulkner! Juan Pablo - seriously? I know that the show is completely ridiculous, but it is such a fantastic guilty pleasure. But, JUAN PABLO? I can't. Even so many days later, I have no words. Well, I do, but I don't know how blog appropriate they are. This Tumblr post is pretty accurate though, painfully so. Sheesh. Here's to hoping that Andi is a much better Bachelorette. 

-Thrifting, of course! I got to visit one of my favorite places at home - every Monday they have all their clothes, shoes, purses, etc. 50% off. My friends have gotten used to me declaring that "half off day is the best day!" I got these Audrey Hepburn style cigarette pants there over the summer for $1. And I love them; they are so comfortable and fit perfectly. 

- Causing scenes with my cousin (mostly that involves laughing to the point of not breathing in public places.)

-Figuring out what I'm doing with the rest of my life (really the four months after graduation). 

- Plus, I'm going out with my main gal pal, Maggie! People better watch out - because you won't find two classier broads around 

All in all spring break has been pretty stellar. 

Now, if I could find the motivation to finish a paper that is due when I get back. Yeah, not likely to happen tonight. 

Happy Friday everyone! 

Shirt//Belt//Necklace//Purse//Hat - Thrifted 
Shoes - Fergalicious by Fergie - Thrifted ($1.50) - exact ones here
Vintage Cigarette Pants - Thrifted ($1.00) 
Vintage bracelets - Thrifted ($.50 each)

I have been keeping a "thrifting inventory" of my items; basically where I got them and what I paid for them. I have been thinking about putting prices (like above) after the items that I know what I paid for. I find it fun to see what other people are paying for their clothes via thrifting. What do you think? 




oijgerakhjnfleklj;af;jlkea said...

You look adorable! That floral print is just divine.


b e a t r i c e said...

nice blog and great post! I really like those pictures! I think I will be here more often! :)

Don't forget to stop by and say hello!

The Dragonfruit said...

Ooh, you are rocking those cigarette pants! I love the touches of red you added to this outfit too :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Miche said...

Definitely fun to see what other people pay - but also depressing for me cuz I spend way more than you lucky duck!
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Unknown said...

You look fantastic in those pants and you styled them beautifully <3 I really want a pair now!

- Anna

Dearest Lou said...

Oh my goodness! Love this look <3

Dearest Lou

Immigrant said...

You look amazing, Laura! rocking those pants girllll. And red is a gorgeous colour on you. :D

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