Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Copyright 1990

Answer me this: how in the world did it get to be July already?! It seemed like April was moving along at turtle speed and suddenly, it is July!  My time here in Illinois is coming closer to an end, which honestly is hard to believe. Only two months and some odd days before I start my next big adventure. (Just don't ask me what that is yet, I'm still working on it. #volunteerproblems.)

Honestly, except for this stupid illness I've been fighting for the past couple days, life has been pretty grand! I got to see my family in June, I got a new haircut (after these photos were taken), going on ice cream and thrifting adventures with housemates, and I even got to take a quick weekend trip to Pittsburgh to see my boyfriend! No complaints here. 

Even the weather is gorgeous - I'm not a fan of extreme weather so somewhere between 50-80 degrees is perfect for me. So, even those these pictures are from a bit ago - quite a bit actually, I would probably still be able to wear this in this cooler weather we are having. Also, because this sweater is THE BOMB. I grabbed this from a dollar basement at one of my favorite thrifts at home. A dollar! For all those sparkles! And the tag says that it is copyrighted in 1990. Yeah. Didn't know that was a thing, either, but I'll take it! I mean, did you see those sequins? 

Sweater - Thrifted ($1)
The brand of the sweater is called "Bonnie and Bill by Holly" You can find some more of their 90's tastic sweaters on Etsy. 
Jeans - Gap - Thrifted ($3)
Shoes - Target - Thrifted ($5.99)
Gold half hoops - Thrifted ($.50)
Lipstick - Urban Decay 'Catfight'




Unknown said...

You look so pretty! That sweater is fabulous! <3

I can't believe its already July! Didn't I just visit you?? Where does the time go? We need to try to see each other again before you move back to PA!

The Dragonfruit said...

Glad to hear you're doing well girl! Sounds like summer is treating you well!
Haha, and I know, don't ask me what's coming up next, I keep bouncing from one idea to the next..sigh. Hope your volunteer choices become more clear! ;)

The Dragonfruit Diaries
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Unknown said...

How is this shirt real life?! What a good score! Your summer is sounding fab. I hope the rest of your time in Illinois rocks!

Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

Unknown said...

Best sweater ever! There's so much awesomeness going on there. I love it! <3

- Anna

Linda said...

Lovely photos! :)

Paloma in Disguise said...

Amazing sweater! I can't believe it was $1! Great find :)

Hannah x
Paloma in Disguise

Kati said...

Laura, one day I'll come and visit you and we go thrifting together. All your fantastic finds make me so envious!


Have a great day,

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