Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Hey everyone! 

How in the world is it August already? Sheesh! I spent a lot of July traveling - back to Pennsylvania for a quick trip and down to Florida for my church's Annual Conference - all in all it was a pretty good month!

Especially since I had this amazing dress to go along with it! Technically, this dress was a birthday gift from my sister back in April, but I needed a different size, so I didn't actually get a hold of it until I made my trip to PA. The dress has little Minnie Mouses on it - it is a part of Lauren Conrad's Kohl's line; I think that this the first "new" item of clothing that I got in a long time. It is a really great dress - super twirly, which is always tons of fun! Plus, I love cutouts for summer! 

I took these pictures before a pizza and ice cream night out with some housemates - that was super fun! Things are certainly changing around here - I only have about a month and a half left here in Illinois! Some of my housemates are already done with their year of service, so they are moving out and we will be getting some new people soon! Everything is changing and it is crazy! It feels like I just moved here! Now, I'm making plans to move out of my house, travel back to PA, move the stuff out of my parents house and trek 4 hours away to live in Pittsburgh! Life is happening, and even though it is scary, I'm really excited too! 

Do you all have any major changes going on in your life?

Dress: Gift from my sister: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls - apparently it isn't online anymore, but I bet it is still in stores. Also, eBay
Sandals: Hand Me Down from a co-worker: Originally from Target
Ring: Gift from the boyfriend: Hot Topic 
Earrings: Yard Sale or Thrifted - I can't remember!
Necklace: Used to be my mom's. 




Unknown said...

cute dress!

Lee said...

that is such an adorable dress and perfect for summer!!!

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

I love this dress Laura!! It's so classic and vintage looking! My current biggest change that is going on is moving into my first apartment! I'm really excited!
I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Alysa said...

That dress is perfect on you!
No major changes coming up here, just adjusting to the last major change of having a baby 😍

Midwest Muse said...

what a great dress on you!

Unknown said...

How does a dress as cute as this actually exist?? You look fab, darling!

I love to live vicariously through your busy life. Mine's pretty meh. We almost made a huge sudden move up to northern WI after our landlord told us he was selling our house. But we got it settled and probably won't be moving after all. *whew* That's like the only big thing happening in my life atm.

Unknown said...

I love the print, color and cut of that dress. So everything, basically. Hehe. The back is so cute! Perfect outfit for pizza and ice cream. :DDD <3

- Anna

Unknown said...

This dress is very cute! And it looks so good on you

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