Friday, July 5, 2013

Party in the U.S.A.

Hey all - hope that everyone in the States had a wonderful Independence Day yesterday! 

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am not the most patriotic person - this was one of the reasons that Girl Scouts wasn't very fun for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm very appreciative of where I live and the privileges that I have because of that. But, patriotism is still not my thing, but I digress.

However, when I found this very odd (and let's be real, awesome) skirt at a thrift store, I knew I had to get it for my family's 4th of July picnic. Come on, it has American flags, British flags, and gold carts. Golf carts. I couldn't have made up this skirt if I tried and I certainly couldn't have passed it up. 

It was perfect for a day of grilling, lots of desserts, games with the family, and walks with my cousin.

She actually took these pictures for me and we may or may not have done a little trespassing to get them done. ooo, breaking the law! ;) This was actually just the old train station that was turned into a store - which was closed for the 4th. It was great to spend time with my cousin, who is definitely a wonderful friend; we always have a blast when we are together. 

Taking goofing pictures, dancing to Grease, and making nerd references are just are some of our many specialties. 

After I left the picnic, I get this text from her saying: "either those are fireworks or this is the Hunger Games and a tribute just died." 

Yeah, my family is the best. 

Top: Vintage: Thrifted 
Skirt: Handmade: Thrifted 
Belt, Bracelet, Shoes: Thrifted 

Oh. In case you missed my blooper post the other day - here is just a glimpse of some of my crazy faces. 

There was a train coming. And it was LOUD. 

Have a great weekend everyone!




Susanne said...

nice blue-red-white outfit! :)

Unknown said...

that skirt is just too cute! you look lovely :)

Belphoebe said...

Glad to hear you had so much fun, these pictures of you are absolutely lovely and adorable and all good things, you look so happy and the last one is hilarious! Really love your blog, following and can't wait to read more! xx

Unknown said...

Love this red and blue combo. The skirt is just so cute!!

The Dragonfruit said...

Perfectly patriotic! Love the cute print skirt and your bold red top :)
Sounds like such a fun day for you!

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teresweetstyle said...

great look honey, i really love your skirt!


Bessana Blue said...

Perfect look for 4th of July, so jealous of your skirt <3

Unknown said...

What an adorable patriotic outfit! I love love your new skirt! Such a quirky print. Those are exactly what I gravitate toward when I go thrifting and I have to control myself so I don't have a bunch of odd printed skirts (as cool as they are)!

Kati said...

You look lovely as always, I adore your cute blue skirt and this pretty top. You just always get it right, don’t you?

Hope you have a fantastic day,

Unknown said...

I like your skirt~! I'm not patriotic either, but the Dutch in general are known for being non-patriotic xD

Kristian said...

Very All American. I like 4th of July outfits (and not just because I'm a history geek who finds the 1770s-1790s really interesting), but because I like the color combos of red, blue and white. All of which you pull off so well here.

By the way- I noticed that your Google+ page does not have any links to your blog. I know your blog name and so can always follow or google it, but for new people who click your name on a link you left...they would be unable to get to your blog. You can add a website URL in the google+ so it is below you name :)

Elana said...

This skirt is adorable! This is definitely one of my favorite 4th of July looks :)

And that last photo is my favorite thing, ever.

Jessi said...

oh my that skirt is definitely unique! And somehow super cute too! I love your outfit and the train station photos, so cute! i must go see this blooper post ;)

Imogen said...

This is so sweet and gorgeous. I always say that I like patriotic outfits because it is one of my favourite colour combinations. But your outfit has that something extra too. The print of the skirt is gorgeous.

Temporary:Secretary said...

Laura, you look great in those colours! Very 4th of July appropriate! I have such a romantic idea of Independence Day and Thanks Giving, I wish there was something like that in UK, only because my family are always too busy to get together. (sounds so sad, doesn't it!) :-(

Sabrina M said...

OMG you look so cute !! i love your outfit especially your skirt

Emma Clark said...

Hi! I'm a new reader :) I'm scouting through fashion blogs and I appreciate your thriftiness!

Marsa said...

how cute are youu? those colors look so good :)
way to rep the usa <3

The DayLee Journal

Little Tree Vintage said...

adorable colors!

Unknown said...

What a cute vintage Fourth of July look. The skirt is adorable.

Abby said...

Your photos are gorgeous!! Love your skirt in this particular outfit :)

dinda belle said...

Bright cute midi skirt :)

Mary M. said...

Such an amazing outfit, I love the skirt so much! It has the perfect cut, lenght, color and pattern!

Have an amazing week,
Mary x

Brenda Lu said...

omg you look so cute!!
you matched the red top and the skirt greatly!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

haha that blooper is the best! a day of bbq and Greece danging sounds amazing, you must have a super fun family! the train area looks so cute & I love your patriotic outfit, super great find!
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Anonymous said...

Totally love this skirt on you, so lovely and unique! I'm glad you had a great day with all the grilling and desserts- yum! I have to admit that I'm not too patriotic either... my favorite part of holidays is definitely the food!

Xo, Hannah

SM said...

the print on the skirt is so adorable!

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