Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's Remix this Business #4

Hey everyone! 

I really had the blogging itch tonight, but unfortunately because of crazy schedules, about two inches of ice, and the fact that I have been living in leggings for the past two days, I don't really have anything new to share. 

Sooo, I thought that I would share a remix post, since I haven't done one of those since the summer. 

This skirt I haven't worn lately - it hasn't been on the blog since 2012 (hence all the braces pictures). I have worn it since then, but it just hasn't gotten photographed. But, it still has been fairly neglected. 

This skirt is close to my heart. I thrifted this probably about my freshman year of college, I think for a dollar or so. I like the pattern and the fit, it was just a little long as you can see in the picture below. 

The reason why this skirt is so special is that my grandma was the one who helped me hem it. The above picture was taken at her house - which was destroyed in a flood in September 2012. I remember sitting at her kitchen table as we sewed it up. 

These memories are, of course, wonderful, but also hard to think about. Because of her house, which was like a second home growing up, but also because my grandma lately has shown signs of serious confusion. That is something that is very difficult to see a loved one go through, especially one that had such an enormous impact on your childhood. 

Therefore, this skirt holds memories; of laughing with my granny and of an old beautiful farm house. 

Do you have any article of clothing that holds strong memories for you?

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The Dragonfruit said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma Laura, that's so hard to see someone you love go through that :(
But this is such a lovely skirt you hemmed together. What a great memory to have embedded in a piece of clothing!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Sofie said...

This is such a fun post! Gorgeous skirt! I love floral prints.
I hope your grandma is doing well.

Sofie x
Little green Sofie

Unknown said...

This is so bittersweet, but wonderful and uplifting, too. You are positively adorable! <3

- Anna

bashashhazbaz said...

that is a very cute skirt! you wear it well!

Unknown said...

Aw this is a great floral skirt with wonderful memories attached to it!

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