Monday, May 27, 2013

Iowa Stubborn

Hey hey everyone!

Hope that you are having a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day. My weekend was spent traveling to Illinois and then I was off to Iowa for a weekend conference that was held at a camp. It rained the whole time, but it certainly was an amazing time. I got to see a bunch of old friends and meet a bunch of fantastic people. 

Now, I'm in Illinois until the next week for internship training, so I will be showing little tidbits of my travels soon enough. It certainly is wonderful to get away from home for a little awhile and be with wonderful people that I don't get to see that often. 

 These pictures were taken by my mother before I left  and this was one of her first encounters with a DSLR, so I think that she did pretty well. This is what I wore to move some of my things over to my house for the summer. This outfit was perfect to keep things comfy and cool while moving items back and forth. 

Well, I best keep this short, I'm quite tired from the drive back from Iowa and soon I will start making absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

Shirt: Vintage:Thrifted 
Shorts: Gift from my sister: Thrifted 
Sweater: College bookstore 
Shoes: Thrifted 
Bandanna: Stolen from a guy friend.  

Have a great night all! 



P.S. The post title comes from me being a musical nerd. 


yunita elisabeth said...

super cute outfit!! <333

The Dragonfruit said...

I just adore this cute outfit! Great red top and matching headwrap.

Trendy Teal

Katie Aman said...

Ugh, I know driving takes it out of a person doesn't it? I'm always so out of it after a long car ride, haha. You certainly looked adorable for moving though! those shorts with a tucked in blouse are super adorable, for sure :)

Molly said...

I love this! Those shorts are amazing and the red is so fun!

xo Molly

Elana said...

Aw, that sucks that you're in Illinois right when I'm back in California! What part of Illinois are you in?

This combination is so darling! I love the red top, it's perfect for summer.

Midwest Muse said...

I love your top. Red is a great color on you and I totally understand what you mean, that Iowa drive is HORRIBLE. No matter where you're coming from, that state is the longest. Are you visiting or is that where you live?

MILEX said...

you are amazing !

Little Tree Vintage said...

cute top!

Unknown said...

You look totally cute <3

crunchy cheese me

lucia m said...

loving the shorts!



Marisa Noelle said...

Oh the lighting in these photos is so pretty...your mom did a lovely job! Adorable casual outfit...and I love how it is all secondhand. Sounds like you've had quite lovely the weekend of travels...have a fun time in IL!

xo Marisa

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Super cute outfit. I found your blog through the comment you made on Sara's Sweet Style and I'm so glad I clicked the link because you're adorable! :) And it doesn't hurt that your name is Laura too.

You got yourself a new follower! I can't wait to see see your future posts. :D


PS. Sorry for the two previous comments. I sent a comment with the wrong HTML code twice. Lol

Unknown said...

Your blog is adorable and I love your red top with the shorts in the sunset. I have to admit your mom is good too even with her first time with a DSLR. It's always fun trying to have parents help with fashion blogs. hehe. Good luck with your internship too

xo from San Francisco

Jamie said...

love your glasses! xo

Katherine said...

Internship training! How fun - and in illinois! I can't wait to hear more. I love this outfit - the red top and shorts are so cute.

Astrid Camat said...

This is such a perky outfit and it surely suits you! Would you like to follow each other? :)

Imogen said...

You look beautiful in red, suits you so well.

Kati said...

Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
You are so cute and your outfit so stunning! Love the shorts!

Have a great day,

Chelsea Finn said...

I love that red top! Im kind of having an obsession with red lately. Cant wait to hear about your travels!

Unknown said...

I am glad to see you can get cute things for a great deal! Speaking of deals...we are having a G I V E A W A Y on a cute Stella & Dot bracelet! Visit us :)

The Lovely Lives

Maria said...

This outfit is so cute Laura! I've been dying for a cute pair of high waist shorts for all year 'round and have yet to find some. Looks like I need to go thrifting again!
You look amazing <3
xo Maria

Kristiana Vasarina said...

Love your shorts! :) x
Make sure to enter my AX Paris giveaway!

Kristian said...

I really love vintage-inspired shorts like this!

Ashley Elizabeth said...

Cute look!!

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