Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pink Stripes and New Frames

Hey everyone! 

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day! This is a little dress that I wore to work today; I love this dress because it the pink stripes are perfect for the Valentine season and it is really easy to throw on when you slept in (because you were on the phone with your boyfriend until midnight. Ooops.) 

A sort of funny story about this dress: I almost did not buy this dress last year because of the brand name. The brand is "Nick and Dom," which happen to be the names of two guys that broke my heart in high school and college. I'm glad that I realized how silly that was! And for $5, I couldn't really turn it down. 

You may have noticed from my last post that I got new glasses! I needed a new prescription, but I was kind of sad to give up my Firmoo glasses. So, I was really excited when I got an email asking to do another review! I picked these tortoise shell ones that are similar to my other new ones, but a little lighter which is nice when I wear golds and browns. I really like Firmoo glasses, they are always very reliable, which is nice for clumsy me. 

Anyway, life is pretty typical around here. Battling the cold and getting things done at work. I have been spending my nights watching "Bones," writing letters, and reading Sarah Bessey's amazing blog.

Speaking of blogs: my wonderful and stylish housemate Theresa started her own blog, Shamrocks and Sequins! Her style is a perfect mix of edgy and classy and I'm so glad to have another stylish lady in the house to talk blogs with!

Well, I'm off to hang out with some of my housemates and prep for my weekend in the city!

I hope that you all have lovely evening!



Dress - Thrifted 
Sweater tights - TJ Maxx
Boots - Christmas gift last year
Mouse necklace - Church yard sale
Earrings and Bracelet - Thrifted 
Glasses c/o - Firmoo
Lipstick - Wet n'Wild Cherry Picking 


Unknown said...

I love the stripe dress, and how you rock 'em during winter days.. ;)


Unknown said...

I love the stripe dress, and how you rock 'em during winter days.. ;)


Unknown said...

You look gorgeous. Love that dress.


Unknown said...

Good thing you decided to buy this dress because it's wonderful! I love the fun pink stripes and flattering shape. It looks like one of those dresses that could basically be worn as pajamas because it's so comfy.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

The Dragonfruit said...

So glad you got over the label name and bought this dress anyway! It looks lovely on you :)
And what!? Your housemate has a blog as well? Gah, I can only dream of having that kind of situation...haha, that's awesome :) I'll go check out her blog right now!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

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