Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School Wishlist

Hey there everyone! 

Can you believe that it is August already? Oh my word, the summer just went by so fast. I move back up to school in just a week and a few odd days - CRAZY. 

So, I thought that I would share my dream outfit for the first day back to school! As you may or may not know, I have an on-campus job that has me around a lot of perspective students - along with their families, alumni, and other important people on campus. So, I usually try to look nicer than many of my peers who just throw on sweats and tees. 

This dress from PersunMall is GORGEOUS. Even though I usually avoid white (I'm kind of messy) I would suck it up for this dress. That collar - so swoon worthy. Also, I would need a sweater because I'm always cold - I swear, I'm an 80 year old woman sometimes. Plus, a bonus for this sweater is that I can kind of add an element of blue and gold to my outfit - which are my school colors. Yeah, I'm nerdy like that. Finally, flats are a must now that I'm living a 7 minute walk away from campus. No heels for me this year! 

dress: Persun Mall cardigan: ModCloth shoes: Modcloth

I have been dreaming about owning a vintage Pan Am for a long long time. Probably ever since Rory got one for Lorelai on Gilmore Girls. So adorable. Plus it is the perfect size to store the things I need for the day. I have really wanted to try this new CoverGirl lipstick duo. You can't go wrong with red lipstick - plus, I have found that ones with a gold tint in them make them very wearable for school. 

Also, that bag would definitely need "The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath." I have been looking for a copy of this book forever. I really love 'The Bell Jar', so I have been wanting to read her journals for awhile. I'm really cheap when it comes to book, so I usually buy books used or rent them. There is a great website that I have just discovered called Plus, for every rental fee, they donate some money to Operation Smile - an organization that helps those who need cleft lip surgeries. Can't get any better than that, huh? 

If you are heading back to school soon, enjoy your last few weeks of summer! 




Anonymous said...

That dress is super cute!

xoxo Gigi

Aino said...

That cardigan is adorable!
Lovely wishlist!

Unknown said...

El vestido me encanta!! El vintage es un estilo precioso.
Te dejo mi blog por si quieres seguirme

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i love the little back to school outfit you showed! the flats are so cute! i love the whole "back-to-school" wardrobe and shopping. that was my favorite thing when i was a little girl!

lindsey louise

Temporary:Secretary said...

It's nice to make an effort, even if it is school! That's a cute outfit, it is something I would wear too! x

Elana said...

Oh my gosh, that dress! I need it. Actually, I need that entire back to school outfit for MY first day this year! Please and thank you.

Katie Aman said...

What a DARLING back to school outfit! I adore those t-straps and the collar on that dress...swoon! said...

Gosh, I feel like we're the same person after reading this post. I am also a messy eater, so white is usually not my colour of choice unless it's ultra cute. I totally know what you mean with this dress!

Also, I am a budding 80 year old who carries mittens in my purse (umm... yes, even in the summer) because my hands get SO cold!

Love the cute outfit you've put together.


Unknown said...

I love that dress and that cardigan! Soo cute!!!


The Braided Bandit said...

Love the adorable white dress and I too would LOVE a vintage Pan Am bag, how cool would that be?! Good luck getting ready to head back to school! xo hannah

The Dragonfruit said...

Aww, this would be such an adorable outfit! Love that its school colors appropriate :)
And ugh, yes, most definitely invest in some cute flats. I need to do the same - I'll be doing a lot more walking on campus for this next semester!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

Love modcloth, adorable selections and wonderful blog! Xx

Martina said...

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I just arrived in your Blog, Really very nice!
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Unknown said...

I love the dress it is so cute! Following your blog via bloglovin, hope you'll check out mine :)

Anonymous said...

Everything is so cute! It's funny, I just went through a faze of re-watching Gilmore girls and just recently watched the one and was thinking about how cute the bag was! I may just need one too:)

Unknown said...

That dress is AMAZING!!

Instagram: Cmichellestyles

Marlen said...

i looove that back to school outfit, that dress is sugary sweet!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Little Tree Vintage said...

love the outfit girl! xo

Midwest Muse said...

That first dress is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh love everything- especially the beautiful dress!

Xo, Hannah

Sofie said...

Oh, I really love those shoes, so adorable! And the dress is gorgeous. Absolutely love your selection!

Sofie x

Kelsey Bang said...

oh my you would be darling in that outfit! you should get it! flats are a good idea for school!

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