Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anything Could Happen

Oh hey there! 

How is everyone? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it has been forever since my last blog post. It is just that time of the year, I guess. 

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes on my last post. I certainly had a memorable time with my friends! Sadly, no outfit pictures happened because of rain and tests - seems like the story of my life lately. 

Anyway, these pictures are from awhile ago when we had a gorgeous weekend. We were shooting with a friend and she was kind enough to take some roomie pictures! Amy and I rarely get pictures together, because we are always shooting each other, so that was a great treat! 

Things around here have just been hectic - lots of papers, work, and trying to spend time with friends before everyone goes off on their summer adventures.  This past weekend, I got to head up to Penn State to see Brand New and MGMT, which was crazy but a lot of fun! On Saturday, I somehow managed to roll out of bed early to go to our town's rummage sale extravaganza with my friend Silvia. We found a lot of really awesome deals!  

I seriously can't believe that this semester is almost over and that summer vacation is almost here! Time has certainly flown by. 

I have to say, that I can't wait for my summer plans to start, to move back into my lovely house , and focus more on blogging. Summer always is better for me to get motivated and set goals than New Year's is, so some of my summer goal are to see lots of amazing things, meet or reconnect with amazing people, and make sure to document it all - I think that my 21st birthday present to myself should help. :)  

I just get this  feeling that this summer is going to be awesome. 

Hey, anything could happen right? 

Shirt: Kohl's 
Jeans: Forever 21 
Shoes: Bass
Purse: Marshall's 
Earrings: Gift from Barcelona 

Shirt, Cardigan, Bow-tie (in hair): Thrifted 
Purse: I technically found this at a thrift store, but they had it a free box, for some reason? I don't question these things... 
Jeans: Hand me downs from a friend 
Ring: Dominican Republic 
Belt: My sister-in-law gave this to me; it was her grandma's. 

Have a fantastic start to your week everyone!



Buttons Apart said...

You both look lovely! Happy Belated Birthday!

Sita xx

The Dragonfruit said...

I know, its crazy how fast the semester goes! I can't wait for summer though :)
Glad to see you back with a blog post though. You and Amy look lovely! I really love Amy's colored wedges and your belt and bow. You really remind me of Zooey Deschanel in this outfit! Haha, and I adore her.

Trendy Teal

The Dragonfruit said...

Oh right, and as for the henna...I don't know, I'm really liking how it looks, so who knows, maybe I will get some real ink one day...its certainly sparked an idea :)

Imogen said...

Love you girls! So sweet. How adorable are the owl earrings?

Marisa Noelle said...

Aw you gals are lovely and these photos are total adorableness! Sounds like such a crazy month for you - that's good you've been able to sneak away and see MGMT and go to a rummage sale despite the piles of papers and finals. Sounds like that perfect way to end your semester with a bang!

And yes...we should definitely try and meet up once your back home :-)

xo Marisa

Unknown said...

Your friend is gorgeous and has great style! And of course, you look amazing too :)

Anita said...

love your friend's outfit!

Maria said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR! Eek, it's so pretty and your bangs frame your face perfectly!
xo Maria

Katie Aman said...

Aw, you ladies are so pretty and glamorous!! I really love the cute photos of both girls together, they are very fun. I love Amy's hair so much! What a darling style. And Laura, the color of that top is just super lovely, I really love it. Good luck finishing up the school year!

Unknown said...

You girls look so cute together. Looks like you had a great time.

Jessi said...

I love Amy's top - so darling! And your bow and wedges are super cute. Congrats on your bday present! What an awesome gift :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE the bags! Looking good as always ;)

The Photogramps said...

Love both the the bags in this post. The kind of bags that could make an outfit, ya know?! Girl, cherish your time in college while you got it. I LOVED college so much, sometimes I even consider going back to get my masters. I had so much forced "me" time in those days. le sigh.
SUMMER is important too though! :)

Unknown said...

You are so cute and I like your shoes

xo Ashley

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